My Story

Raising a child is fun, crazy and challenging. It's a wild ride- one that doesn't involve a lot of sleep but is super rewarding when they laugh or want to hold your hand.

My son is a little sponge- he has been going to the library since he was a baby and his sense of wonder has been cultivated by his grandma.  As a family, we wanted his childhood to be filled with language, culture and discovery. 

Traveling abroad, we would load up our suitcases with books and toys that are not readily accessible at home. He drinks up language and I found it challenging to ensure that he could hear and see his secondary language- one that I only speak partially but that his dad speaks fluently. I wasn't raised in a dual language home but always wanted to raise my child differently. He also loves seeing his culture in everyday life and so having toys around that reflect his world is important to us.

And so, my side hustle was born.  I've loved diversifying his play and seeing his world filled with wonder and would love to share the same experience with you. #nomorepizzatoys

tiny sponge multicultural asian toys and chinese language tools