Zongzi Sticky Rice Dumpling Origami How To

This is a fun and simple origami activity, and the best part is that its dumpling related- one of our favorite foods!  Too bad making the real zongzi sticky rice dumplings aren't this easy :)

  • Step 1- Cut a green piece of construction paper into 1.5-inch strips. You can vary the width of the strip of paper to make larger or smaller zong zi sticky rice dumplings.    

step 1- zongzi rice dumpling origami how to, cut the paper strips

  • Step 2- Fold one end of the strip once into a triangle, and then repeat the triangle shape again and again until you reach the end of the strip.

step 2- zongzi rice dumpling origami how to, fold the strip into triangles

  • Step 3- Unfold the paper so you can see the triangle creases in the paper.

step 3- zongzi rice dumpling origami how to, unfold the paper strip

  • Step 4- Using the lines in the paper, fold the strip of paper into the beginnings of a 3D triangle. Using the preliminary form of the 3D Triangle, continue to fold the remainder of the paper around and around making the triangle shape sturdier.  Tuck the end of the paper inside the triangle. 

step 4- zongzi rice dumpling origami how to, create the triangle 3d shape

  • Step 5- Decorate the zongzi with string by wrapping it around the triangle and tying it in the back.

step 5- zongzi rice dumpling origami how to, wrap string around the triangle

  • And you’re done!

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