Chinese Kids Stories on the Go

Our little boy loves to read but when we're commuting to his school it's tough to keep him entertained.  We have some great talking bilingual books and have listened to every single Disney & Kidz Bop song out there.  But as much as I can, I want him to soak up language whenever he can, ad especially since he's so excited and eager to learn.  

My husband came up with a great idea - listening to youtube videos in the car!  I have found some really great youtube sites that have chinese stories that you don't necessarily need to see the corresponding video to understand what is going on.  It's like a podcast! 

1) Chinese Fairy Tale Channel

Chinese Fairy Tale You Tube

2) Sesame Street Mandarin Elmo

Sesame Street Mandarin Elmo YouTube

3) Little Fox Chinese Stories & Songs

Little Fox Chinese Stories & Songs

4) Story Reading in Chinese

Story Reading In Chinese

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