Steamed Bread (Mantou)

We’ve enjoyed steamed bread (mantou) and it can come in many different forms- sweet, savory and of course as dumplings!  You can usually find a few variations of steamed bread at dim sum so give it a try if you haven’t already, you’ll definitely find something you’ll like.     

Steamed bread is light and fluffy and is made by, you guessed it, steaming the bread dough.  I am used to baking bread and was surprised by how easy it was to steam bread when we tried a few recipes at home.  As usual, the most time-consuming part of making steamed bread is preparing the bread dough.  Invest in a steamer if you plan on making steamed bread consistently, it’s worth it. 

Some of our favorite ways to eat steamed bread are:

  • Mantou- plain steamed bread
  • Mantou with filling- mantou can be stuffed with chives or meat, and sometimes filled with sticky rice.
  • Deep fried mantou dipped in condensed milk
  • Baozi- fluffy steamed bread dumplings filled with meat.
  • Steamed sweet barbeque pork buns
  • Guo Bao- mini steamed bread sandwiches that are stuffed with meat, veggies and sauces. The most popular filing is pork belly.
  • Peking Duck- mantou filled with hoisin sauce, green onions and peking duck. 

We love scallions and green onions and tried so we tried this recipe for steamed scallion buns and appreciated the step by step pictures.  With more practice we’ll get better at the folding technique but the bun taste was delicious. 

green onion steamed bread

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