We're Wild About Rice

We love rice.  Sometimes my son will just ask for plain rice for dinner (which is frustrating if we’re trying to get him to eat his main entrée!).  We’ve also have been trying out new recipes for rice-based desserts since it seems you can eat rice at every meal.  Below are the different types of rice that we use most frequently. 

  • White Rice- rice with outer hull, germ and bran removed and polished.
  • Brown Rice- rice with only the outer hull removed. Has a higher nutritional value which we love. 
  • Sticky Rice- also known as sweet rice or glutinous rice. We use this in desserts like mango sticky rice and it can also be found in Zong zi (yum).
  • Jasmine Rice- long grain fragrant rice, perfect with a stir fry.
  • Basmati Rice- long grain aromatic rice, perfect with a delicious curry.

And of course, we love our ZoJirushi Rice Cooker which makes cooking rice a breeze.  Next up, we’re going to try to make sushi…

tiny sponge different types of rice

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