DIY Cardboard Lion

We have much more time at home these days (!!) and so we have gotten a lot craftier.  Buddy loves everything about the lion dance so we decided to make our toddler sized lion with a few arts and craft supplies we had around the house. 

Supplies needed: 

It was a huge success and he was able to build most of it on his own.  Here are our easy DIY Steps!

  1. Tape down the sides on a small cardboard box
  2. Decorate box with colored paper
  3. Color the lion face print out, cut out and glue on front of box
  4. Color the mouth, cut out half and put on the front of the box.  Cut out the other half and glue to a piece of cardboard.
  5. Cut small holes on the cardboard mouth piece and face of the box to attach the cardboard mouth piece using ribbon or string

Ta da! You've created your very own lion.  Put on some music and start your own show.  

DIY Cardboard Lion


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