Easy Lantern How To

These lanterns are super easy to make and is a great craft for the mid autumn festival season! You can also mix and match different colored construction paper and add stickers and other decorations for a more festive lantern.

  • Step 1: Take your construction paper and cut off a strip at the end of it and set aside, this will be the handle for the lantern.

    step 1- lantern how to, cut strip off end of paper

    • Step 2Fold the paper in half

    step 2- lantern how to, fold paper in half

    • Step 3Draw a line .5 inches away from the top of the page so you’ll know where to stop cutting.

    step 3- lantern how to, draw line on end of the paper

      • Step 4Cut thin strips from the middle of the paper to the line. Fold the paper the other way so you will no longer see the line on the paper you drew.

      step 4- lantern how to, cut thin strips up to the line

      • Step 5Unfold the paper and tape the ends of the paper together to create the body of the lantern.  

      step 5- lantern how to, tape the ends of the lantern

      • Step 6Tape the lantern handle to the top inside part of the lantern.  And you're done! 

      step 6- lantern how to, tape the handle to the top of the lantern

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