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One of the things that I loved at the last event that I was at was the support around diversifying toys and books for kids.  There were parents from all ethnicities that wanted to expand their toy or language library at home.  My dim sum toys flew off the shelves to parents of all backgrounds who wanted more options for their children.  

Creating a supportive environment for children at a young age that opens their minds and creates an atmosphere where they can eat, explore and embrace their own and different cultures is key.  This will also only help to broaden their ideas and future, and they'll probably be the coolest kid at school :)  

Kids soak up everything when they're tiny, and I've found it important to introduce new concepts to them when they're young.  Like new food- my son is quick to say he doesn't like something but then he'll try it and like it (and will actually admit it!). 

Other great tips I've found to molding him into a little global person.

1) Traveling

2) Trying new foods, restaurants

3) Toy diversity

4) Diverse books (language + stories)

5) Answering all his questions.  Encouraging an open heart to new ideas, friends and experiences. 

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