Asia Society: Night Market Event #nomorepizzatoys

With an online business it's nice to connect with your community!  The Asia Society was kind enough to invite me back to attend their Night Market on Friday 11/8.  I get excited when I find toys, books and other fun items that my little boy loves and then what is even more rewarding is sharing these finds with other parents, teachers, grandparents, gift givers, students, friends and seeing their joy.  

Telling them my story and mission - diversifying beyond pizza toys, providing toys that reflect their culture- resonates and there are so many adults that say that they wished that they had these toys when they were younger. (This is exactly what my heart and brain has been telling me as a mom!) 

Diversifying my little boy's playtime has been fun.  When he joins me at these events he gets a little protective of the toys and books and wants to hoard them or put them back in order after someone has played with them :) 

Asia Society Night Market- Tiny Sponge Lion Puppets  Asia Society Night Market- Tiny Sponge

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